Photo by Buddy Childers
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Since 1970, Steve has rehearsed weekly with his own LA big band, the Steve Spiegl Big Band, which features some of the biggest names in the Hollywood studio industry. In 2020 they released their fifth album of Steve’s newest jazz band charts called “The Steve Spiegl Big Band, the LA Sessions at Capital Studios” on the Sorcerer Records label. Prior albums have been "Hot!" (1979), "Perspectives" (1981), and "Then and Now" (1993) and “Enigma” (2001). After moving to Portland in 2020, in 2022 Steve started a big band of premier Portland jazz  musicians, the current version of the Steve Spiegl Big Band.

Steve is sole owner and founder of Spiegl Music Publications, and founder and President of Sorcerer Records. As a member of ASCAP, he has authored a textbook "Basic Theory and Arranging for Stage Band", and remains busy writing and publishing big band jazz for his own band and schools across the country.