Michael Asher is a pianist, conductor, composer and arranger. He has played keyboards on tour with Frank Sinatra, Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme, Andy Williams, Carmen Macrae, Dinah Shore, Mel Torme and Maureen McGovern. He has been pianist-conductor for Alan Bergman for the past 17 years,  also for Ann Jillian for the past 9 years, and was pianist-conductor for Rita Moreno for 10 years. He also plays for Michael Feinstein's appearances in the Los Angeles area.
His composing credits include his composition "Endlessly" , published in 3rd edition of the jazz "Real Book" and recorded by both Clare Fisher and Cesar Camargo Mariano, along with several original big band charts published by Spiegl Music Publications. His compositions have been recorded, performed and published in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Japan and Brazil. Michael is a graduate of California State University, San Francisco, with a Bachelor of Arts in Music, Magna Cum Laude. He is a writer and publisher member of ASCAP, and can be heard on the Steve Spiegl Big Band albums, having played with the band for the last 30 years.


ANOTHER EVENING - by Michael Asher




A light samba feel featuring a written tenor solo. Trpt A#. Time 4:15. Med.-med. easy.



RIO - by Michael Asher




A samba in 6/4 with solos for soprano and trpt. Trpt Eb (last note only). Time 7:30. Med.-med. Difficult.